Kumano Horse Oil Moisture Rinse in Shampoo

Kumano Horse Oil Moisture Rinse in Shampoo

Kumano 熊野馬油2 in 1
  • 熊野馬油2 in 1


    1. 天然馬油成份能有效加速頭髮生長

    2. 對髮質特具保養及修復效果,讓秀髮更健康

    3. 可有效防脫髮及防乾燥痕癢

    4. 滋養秀髮,令頭髮更亮麗烏黑

  • Horse Oil Moisture Rinse in Shampoo

    About the Product

    • Strong penetration Greasy to null the skin horse oil, it will become smooth immediately. It's because there is such a strong penetration in horse oil. Horse oil has a property very close to human sebum, it will Uruotta state penetrates into the gaps of the skin at the moment when painted on the skin. And precisely because close to human sebum, you can use with confidence without the burden on the skin.
    • Anti-oxidation and bactericidal action By horse oil penetrates into the skin, to protect the cell by attaching an oil film, suppresses the function of bacteria in Fujikon in oil the bacteria that enters the body, intrusion such as staphylococcus invasion and infection of bacteria it is said that there is action to prevent. In addition, action to expel the air in the interior by the penetration, prevent oxidation of the sebum is born.
    • Quell inflammation It is said that the horse oil, is said to remove the heat quickly sunk inflammation of the skin, and had the effect hemorrhoids pain and burns, sunburn, and rhinitis from a long time ago.
    • Unsaturated fatty acid It is the fat that is said and unsaturated fatty acids, and essential fatty acids must-have for the body. There is an important role that nourish the skin tissue in this unsaturated fatty acid. Since it is not possible nutrition spreads to the scalp unsaturated fatty acid is large, the effect of hair growth can be expected, but to create a human body unfortunately, it must be ingested daily. When this becomes insufficient, you may cause scalp problems such as hair loss, thinning hair. The horse oil, it is characterized by the unsaturated fatty acids that are contained many. You can compensate efficiently shampoo every day, so I use the horse oil of the highest quality, including a lot of unsaturated fatty acids U-MA shampoo.