Laneige Foam Cleanser Moisture

Laneige Foam Cleanser Moisture

蘭芝  水凝潔膚泡沫
  • 蘭芝 水凝潔膚泡沫



    • 潔面泡沫綿密豐潤,乳木果油及胺基酸淨化粒子,有效留住肌膚水份並清除污垢
    • 徹底去除彩妝及污垢
    • Multi-Fruit BSC (萃取5種植物的AHA,去除老化角質,提升肌膚彈性)
    • 維他命E Acetate (去除肌膚污垢,促進再生,改善肌膚老化現象)

  • Laneige Foam Cleanser Moisture

    Foam Cleanser Moisture

    Foam cleanser for dry skin with rich lather and moisturizing effects

    • The rich, smooth lather cleanses skin while maintaining its moisture: birch water
    • Excellent in removing makeup and skin impurities 
    • Multi-Fruit BSC (AHA extracted from five different plants for dead skin cell removal and to improve skin's elasticity)
    • Vit. E acetate (removes impurities from skin, rejuvenates skin, and alleviates signs of aging)