Melvita 有機花果抗氧亮肌面霜

Melvita 有機花果抗氧亮肌面霜

Melvita Pulpe De Rose Cream

  • Melvita 有機花果抗氧亮肌面霜

    主要成分有機野生犬薔薇的花瓣及果實精華, 蘊含極豐富的維他命 C ,有效減淡幼紋,對抗多元衰老因素。

  • Melvita Pulpe De Rose Cream

    Bursting with energizing active ingredients and rose floral water, this cream leaves skin looking plumped and perfectly moisturized all day long, while also helping to erase signs of fatigue. 

    The skin is immediately plumped and more radiant from the very first use. Results observed in 8 out of 10 women.