moonshot GD香水 权志龙限量版男女通用淡香

moonshot GD香水 权志龙限量版男女通用淡香

moonshot GD Eau de Toilette
  • moonshot GD香水 权志龙限量版男女通用淡香

    YG旗下的化妝品牌Moonshot,繼之前推出GD Cushion後,今次更推出香水。據說這款男女合用的淡香水,調配時GD本人也有提供意見,香氣融合了西柚、檸檬等柑橘香調、鼠尾草、茉莉和竹的清香,還有麝香和雪松等木香作基調。

  • moonshot GD Eau de Toilette

    The GD Eau de Toilette is a unisex fragrance, suitable for fanboys and fangirls.

    According to Moonshot, the scent is made up of “sweet citrus notes, combined with sea breeze accents and a woody base of musk”. We haven’t sniffed it for ourselves, but that sounds like a really sexy fragrance.