OOZOO 宇宙臉部注射面膜(營養)

OOZOO 宇宙臉部注射面膜(營養)

  • OOZOO 宇宙臉部注射面膜(營養)

    • 注入激活營養成分
    • 潤澤緊緻

    1. 維生素B5:提供肌膚豐富營養,修護角質層,有助撫平乾紋、細紋及皺紋,保持肌膚柔滑緊緻,增強彈性。
    2. β-葡萄糖:有效提高肌膚水分含有量、增強保濕效果,對膠原蛋白的合成有很大的幫助。
    3. 依克多因 (Ectoin):以棲息於生命無法存活的極地 (南極、火山) 的天然防護因子,為疲憊的肌膚賦予的生命力,打造嶄新肌膚的昂貴高效成分。
    4. 復活草萃取精華:復活草在沙漠裡沒有水分時仍可頑強地生存,有水分時即宛如幼芽般生長,其生命力正正能為老化肌膚增強活力。 


    Lifting and moisturizing. This lifting mask provides intense moisture as it lifts and firms the skin. Ceramide locks in nutrients to retain skin’s moisture balance with anti-aging benefits. Beta-glucan protects skin from dramatic temperature change caused by air conditioners, heaters, and natural elements. Tired and stressed skin will get a much-needed boost of energy and vitality.

    The syringe ampoule mask pack is new technology developed by OoZoo. The ampoule at the top of the syringe is made of ceramide, which activates once mixed with the serum in the lower syringe chamber. Keeping the two ampoules separate until moments before use, ensures that the active ingredients are fresh.

    The sheet is made of micro-fiber for an incredibly soft touch and conforms to the face better than traditional sheet masks. This design helps the mask supply moisture consistently and evenly.