Philosophy 新生煥彩歐米茄369必需脂肪酸精華素

Philosophy 新生煥彩歐米茄369必需脂肪酸精華素

Philosophy Omega 369 Essential Fatty Acids
  • Philosophy 新生煥彩歐米茄369必需脂肪酸精華素

    內含必需脂肪酸ω- 3、ω- 6和不飽和ω- 9,有效滋潤肌膚,促進新陳代謝,令其豐盈富有彈性。 有效抵禦水分流失和自由基對肌膚的損害。整體改善膚質,滋養肌膚,散發健康光彩。


  • Philosophy Omega 369 Essential Fatty Acids

    This does contain some helpful, non-irritating plant oils for dry to very dry skin (and they do supply skin with various omega fatty acids, as claimed), but if you want the benefits of these fatty acids, you should use a more advanced serum and mix it with a small amount of the plant oils present in this Philosophy product.