Primera  活力肌膚的水分安瓶

Primera 活力肌膚的水分安瓶

Primera Pure Hydrating Ampoule
  • Primera 活力肌肤的水分安瓶


    保濕, 六無配方

    -採用6FREE配方 (動物性原料、礦物油, 色素, 矽酮, 羥苯甲酯, 人工香料)

  • Primera Pure Hydrating Ampoule

    An ultra-hydrating ampoule that instantly recharges the skin with moisture and restores vigorous vivacity.
    Supply Moisture, 6-free

    -Extracts of sequoia sprouts, a world-renowned tree for its extended lifespan, and opuntia coccinellifera fruit gently soothe skin irritated by pollutants from the external environment and restore healthy vitality to the skin.
    -Highly enriched transparent texture full of moisture adheres to the skin smoothly. The moment it is applied, the moisture bursts and fully moisturizes dry skin.
    -Hypoallergenic/dermatologist tested
    -This is 6FREE formula (animal-originated ingredients, mineral oil, colorants, silicon, paraben, artificial fragrance) product.