Primera  紅苺水份面霜

Primera 紅苺水份面霜

Primera Alpine Berry Watery Cream
  • Primera 紅苺水份面霜

    含天然有機植物成份, 紅苺為肌膚提供豐富水份,木瓜萃取物,舒緩壓力肌膚,使肌膚變得更有生氣,長逹12小時的鎖水效果,而且性質温和。

  • Primera Alpine Berry Watery Cream

    Alpine strawberry extract and aloe vera extract supply rich moisture. Papaya fruit extract containing Vitamin C and Keratinoid revitalizes your skin. 

    Alpine strawberry grows in highlands of North Europe and North America and it is strong enough to buds in cold and barren environment. Its leaf is used as a herb tea and it contains vitamin C and works as an antioxidant. 

    Aloe vera leaf is excellent source of moisture. 

    Papaya fruit contains vitamin C, Keratinoid and keeps your skin lively by helping antioxident activities.