ROSETTE  海泥洗面奶 - 藍色

ROSETTE 海泥洗面奶 - 藍色

ROSETTE Cleansing Clay - Blue

  • ROSETTE 海泥洗面奶 - 藍色


  • ROSETTE  Cleansing Clay - Blue

    Clean, clear, healthy skin! 


     ■  Two types of clay to rid the skin of potential acne causes!
    Sea mud and Ghassoul (cleansing agent) absorb and remove the grime stuck in pores and dead skin cells for a clear, clean complexion.

     ■  Fortified with anti-inflammatory and moisturizing agents to help prevent breakouts!
    Contains the active ingredient of stearyl glycyrrhetinate in addition to moisturizing Asian medicinal herbs for clear, smooth skin!

     ■  Creamy bubbles full of miniscule clay powder particles!
    Protects the skin’s moisture while rinsing away oil and dirt that causes clogged pores, keeps inflammation under control, and prevents acne outbreaks.

     ■  Fresh green herb scent!