ROSETTE Cleansing Clay - Yellow

ROSETTE Cleansing Clay - Yellow

ROSETTE Cleansing Clay - YellowROSETTE 海泥洗面奶 - 黃色

  • ROSETTE 海泥洗面奶 - 黃色

    摩洛哥堅果油蘊含豐富的保持美麗肌膚光澤的多酚和維生素E的美容油,有效清除角質,使肌膚回復透明感亮麗。 適合透亮美白肌膚。

  • ROSETTE Cleansing Clay - Yellow

    Pore-less skin! Enjoy the benefits of sea mud’s anti-aging care! 


    ■ The magical cleansing powers of mud! Sea mud cleansing paste for gorgeous, glowing skin!
    Sea mud contains an abundance of natural minerals. This cleansing paste absorbs and removes dead skin and grime hiding in pores that can result in a dull complexion.

    ■Infused with Rose Fruit Extract. Gently cares for your skin while firming.
      Fortified with rose fruit extract which is known for its skin firming capabilities and with plant-derived cleansing agents that are gentle on skin. Rinse off the soft, springy foam and be surprised at your silky, baby-like skin.

    ■ Fragrance-Free・No Artificial Colorings・Mineral Oil-Free
      Able to be used on delicate, sensitive skin.