ROSETTE Facial Cleansing Paste - Pink Color

ROSETTE Facial Cleansing Paste - Pink Color

ROSETTE Facial Cleansing Paste - Pink ColorROSETTE 硫磺潔面膏 - 粉紅色(油性皮膚)

  • ROSETTE 硫磺潔面膏 - 粉紅色(油性皮膚)

    Rosette硫磺素洗面膏 徹底又溫和潔淨肌膚,是防止粗糙皮膚、暗瘡的藥用洗顏料。配合硫磺素的微細粒子,有輕柔去角質的作用,促進皮膚新生,洗面後肌膚感覺如浸完溫泉一樣滑溜,調整肌膚紋理,享有細嫩美肌。


  • ROSETTE Facial Cleansing Paste - Pink Color

    ■ Long Seller Since 1934!
      This is the first cream cleanser ever made in Japan!

    ■ Fortified with natural sulfur
      Removes dead skin cells and prevents breakouts.

    ■ Rosette Cleansing Paste – Readjusts skin texture for a beautiful complexion
      Dull skin and breakouts. Aging and dryness are not the only causes – dead skin is very much to blame! Facial cleansing and natural sulfur play large roles in removing the dead skin and waste to promote new skin cell production. Thanks to natural sulfur’s skin softening capabilities, this paste removes old, dead skin and recalibrates the complexion in order to maintain beautiful skin.

    ■ Effectiveness of Natural Sulfur
      This cleanser is fortified with sulfur particles that have been made as minute as possible to increase their efficacy. The color and scent is a result of the natural sulfur added.

    ■ Able to be used on both normal and acne-prone skin!