Shiseido Mineral Perfect UV

Shiseido Mineral Perfect UV

資生堂 專科礦泉水感防曬乳SPF50 PA+++
  • 資生堂 專科礦泉水感防曬乳SPF50 PA+++


  • Shiseido Mineral Perfect UV

    Senka Mineral Perfect UV is sunscreen gel for daily use that is skin-friendly formulated with mineral water from Mount Fuji. This sunscreen gel utilizes Shiseido’s proprietary technology to give high UV protection that feels fresh, like bare skin. It’s mineral water base keeps skin hydrated and it contains“baby powder” to give skin a baby-like smoothness.



    -Totally block out strong UV rays: Effectively block out UVB rays which act on the skin surface as well as UVA rays that penetrates deep into the skin resulting in loss of elasticity. Protect skin from damage such as dryness due to UV rays and helps prevent spots and freckles.
    -Gentle Texture: The Mineral Water Base* Enables to spread easily, leaving no white residue.
    -Smooth Finish: Contains baby powder for skin that remains smooth like a baby’s skin.
    -No need for special cleansers: Sweat and sebum resistant but can be removed with soap.