SPA treatment aging care micro patch (RED)

SPA treatment aging care micro patch (RED)

SPA treatment SPA毒蛇眼膜 毒蛇可溶微針(紅色)
  • SPA treatment SPA毒蛇眼膜 毒蛇可溶微針(紅色)





  • SPA treatment aging care micro patch (RED)

    Human stem cells using micro-needles. 

    This product has in its composition HAS (Human Adipose-derived Stem cell, a serum containing adipocytes), and beta-glucan. Mini-needles allow you to moisturize the skin to its deeper layers, struggling with tightness and swelling of the skin under the eyes. This treatment will be useful to those who want to get rid of wrinkles under eyes, feeling of tightness, wants to look younger and always have something special for skin care. 

    • HAS (Human Adipose-derived Stem cell, syvortku containing adipocytes) 
    This serum made from human stem cells and includes more than 150 types of growth stimulants. Converted to enhance absorption (in the form of capsules, liposomes), it gives the skin a healthy look and Shine. 

    • Beta-glucan 
    Derived from the mushroom Schizophyllum commune beta-glucan is known for its penetrating properties, as well as outstanding results in the field of retaining moisture and giving the skin a healthy look and Shine.