SULWHASOO Renewing Kit (2 items)

SULWHASOO Renewing Kit (2 items)

雪花秀  滋陰活賦套裝 (2件套裝)
  • 雪花秀 滋陰活賦套裝 (2件套裝)


    - 功效猶如肌膚藥引的韓方草藥精華,是護膚程序不可或缺的產品,有效提升最理想護膚效果,調和肌膚均衡,大量補充所需水分滋養。
    - 有助促進肌膚血氣運行,麥冬與甘草精華可促進各種草藥精華成分的協同作用,煥發肌膚天然健康光采。
    - 迅速為肌膚深層吸收,令肌膚柔軟、細嫩,為吸收隨後的護膚品打好基礎,並提升所有護膚品的功效。

    - 幫助肌膚從底層活化更生的尊貴韓方養顏面霜
    - 蘊含豐富人參精華,幫助肌膚從底層活化更生的尊貴韓方養顏面霜。
    - 配方從人參根部與人參果實提取出珍貴精華成分,可顯著促進肌膚細胞更生,深入底層煥發青春活力。大黃、黃芪及桑白皮等韓藥成分,則能令肌膚重現剔透光采,延緩肌膚老化。
    - 有效將珍貴養分從肌膚表面開始深入輸送至每一層肌膚,層層滲透。

  • SULWHASOO Renewing Kit (2 items)

    First Care Activating Serum EX (8ml)
    - Formulated with Korean Medicinal Herbs, this essential regimen boosting serum assures optimal skin care results, promoting balance and replenishing essential moisture and nutrients.
    - Membranous Milk-vetch promotes natural skin circulation and Dwarf Lilyturf and Licorice boost synergy among herbal extracts to restore skin’s natural healthy radiance. 
    - Absorbing instantly and deep within the skin, this serum leaves the skin soft, smooth and supple, prepares skin to receive treatment and boosts the efficacy of skin care used throughout the regimen.

    Essential Firming Cream(5ml)
    - Formulated with the roots, berries, and water of rare five-year-old Korean Ginseng, this treatment stimulates cell regeneration to revitalize and ultimately restore youthful looking skin
    - Milkvetch and White Mulberry promote an ageless complexion
    - Jojoba, Avocado, Mango Seed, and Sunflower Oils moisturize and condition for soft, smooth skin

    Rejuvenating Eye Cream (3.5ml)
    - Green tea, Pomegranate, and Korean Red Ginseng fight free radicals to prevent signs of aging
    - Restores radiance and vitality to the eye area
    - Helps diminish the appearance of lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness