Whoo GongJinHyang Foam cleansing

Whoo GongJinHyang Foam cleansing

Whoo 拱辰享-平衡泡沫洗面奶
  • 拱辰享-平衡泡沫洗面奶

    1. 可減低洗臉對肌膚的刺激,長時間保持光滑濕潤的觸感 

    2. 銀耳萃取精華增加肌膚光澤度,可持續提高肌膚角質層保水力

    3. 幫助肌膚創造水嫩的觸感


    5. 銀耳萃取精華含豐沛養分,可以幫助肌膚創造水嫩的觸感,同時增加肌膚光澤度

    6. 可持續提高肌膚角質層保水力

    7. 天然清潔植物無患子溫和不刺激成份使用後肌膚的得到舒緩效果,從此洗顏變得更加自然舒服無負擔,讓肌膚更加清澈明亮

  • GongJinHyang Foam cleansing

    Gentle foaming cleanser contains natural herbal ingredients to create a rich, fine-textured lather. This replenishing cleanser gently removes facial grime, impurities and makeup residue. Its highly concentrated and super-moisturizing formula with Oeumseojidan (unique blends of herbal ingredients) keeps the skin moist and supple and help prevent dryness.